Delivery and Processing Chain

We uphold the honesty and faithfulness of Taiwan's traditional virtues, whether it is with the listed companies or petty customers cooperation, can meet the cost needs of customers and create maximum customer benefits. And with the maximum Nissan to fulfill the customer's hope delivery, mission must be our conviction, plus the geographical characteristics of area processing zone, and other cooperation with the industrial zone mutual cooperation, with a total annual output value of up to 50 billion Taiwan dollars, with convenient transportation extending in all directions , And since the formation of a firm manufacturing chain, vertical integration of all resources.

Environmental Policy

It is our social responsibility and obligation to protect the environment. As a Taiwanese, we must do our best to care for this Formosa (Taiwan). With a clean source concept, we emphasize that environmental protection is readily available to everyone, Continuous learning of knowledge, skills and updated equipment to enhance safety and environmental protection measures to prevent recycling, make sure customer's products will not cause harm to the environment!

Communication and Adaptability

We attach importance to the training and training of internal personnel, brainstorming with the client's design side, to solve the designer's doubts. On the surface that can see the problem of the finished product, reducing the number of proofing costs less than necessary. Because the master's long experience, so that the process can reduce the unexpected situation, as well as all aspects of contingency, so that every crisis is a turning point.

Diversification and Cooperation

If you are looking for you to improve the quality and style of the design co-manufacturers, please give us the opportunity to know each other, I believe we are the best partner that you want. We have unlimited capacity and experienced team to assist clients in developing solutions, on-time delivery and quality improvement. And to help customers of different needs to obtain marketable product features, with the goal set to create more profit space, so that companies grow to create a win-win!

Professional Skills

We have more than 20 years of CNC machining technology, every year are constantly self-challenge, intentions for each customer to solve product processing problems, the customer's idea of the actual product, we are different places Lies in innovative technology. The technology is a continuous improvement of the course, the process is constantly thinking course, we firmly "stable processing speed" as the process goal, so that each product can have the best quality, the fastest speed and the largest capacity .

Smith Guo's Concept

Lao Guo, an independent industrial designer, founded his studio in Taipei in 1995. In 2015, in order to pursue more specialized technologies, Lao Guo established a more professional image and changed its name to KUO CNC Design. With the most in place of technology, to establish the best service, to create the best products, we have been creating high-end custom value with artist and customers, we also believe that only the concept of integrity to customers, to provide modified Bike industry make the road to be longer and broader.