CNC Milling Complex

A good CNC machining technician, combined with the advanced CNC milling technology, combined with a variety of functions such as car, milling, drilling, boring, etc. to shorten the processing time of parts and improve the quality and efficiency of the products. It is the new part processing in the future trend.

We combine a variety of CNC machining machines, four-axis turning machine-based, milling functions, supplemented and equipped with all the features of CNC lathe processing. In addition to the turning function, simple milling operations are also possible, allowing the car and simple milling and clamping work to be done at once.

Precise and Testing

We have all kinds of automatic lathes and table lathe perfect quality control procedures, in order to provide the best service to customers, testing is the necessary process and the results, the quality needs of the tool from time to time to detect wear and tear, rather than rush to finish in the end .

Have a good and correct concept of production, in order to create a good product. Therefore, all of our colleagues in the production process, are strict implementation of quality control, to avoid the production of defective products, try to achieve zero loss.

Prenatal measurement

Different components for all types of vehicles, we have conducted countless road measurements, the safety of consumers have also been explained, in addition to processing materials are imported metal materials used in the structural design has also improved the original Missing!

In order to meet the needs of different users in the electronic control system, we also with the latest technology integration CNC hardware accessories, so that your car has better style and performance!

Research and Design

Our R&D staff to follow the original process of thinking, to re-simulate the different perspective changes in order to enhance the more individual needs, mining holes on the hole to allow for the smallest tolerances.

In the surface treatment and with different numbers of emery, alumina, glass sand, such as different sandblasting blow surface, so as to produce different refractive changes with the light source, allowing consumers to play their own personalized space!